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NVPKrypton 05-31-2004 01:21 PM

Help ! Frozen Grub Screen !
Hello, I recently decided to try to install SuSE 9.1 Pro with my windows XP and do a dual boot system.

So I got SuSE 9.1 PRO CDs off IRC off a friend and I put them all on CDs.

I have a 120 GB HD, 90 GB for windows, and 30 gb unpartitioned for linux. I put the first SuSE CD in the cd rom drive and reboot. YaST takes me through the first CD, and then the second CD. But after the 2nd cd finishes it says finishing basic installation, so I'm assuming only the first 2 cds are neccassary. On the side panel, all the steps seem complete. So I reboot my PC and it goes to a screen that says GRUB - I can't type anything or do anything except reboot. I've tried many things but everytime I boot, it just goes to the GRUB screen. I then put the windows xp boot disc into my cd-rom drive hoping to fix this somehow, I press a key to boot from the cd-rom and it goes to Setup is configuring your hardware... and then goes to a black screen and just freezes.

So I try many things including getting my 30gb hd and putting that as master and putting my 120 gb hd as slave, I put the windows xp boot disc in and it boots into set up. I tried deleting the linux partition and then rebooting with my 120 gb set as master. Still no luck. Then I just deleted windows xp partition and tried to reinstall windows on that prtition, it formats and then copies the installation files from disc to hd. Then it rebooted and it went past the boot from cd stage and then just goes to a balnk screen.

I have no idea what to do ! Right now, I just want to save my 120 GB HD at all cost ! I hope its not ruined !

Thanks in advance !

NVPKrypton 05-31-2004 01:53 PM

fixed it using fixmbr and reformat

marghorp 05-31-2004 04:16 PM

fixmbr always works :) Format too :))

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