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psyklops 10-09-2003 08:24 PM

hd crash
Ok so my laptop hd crashed yesterday and theyre sending me out a new one. I would like to install win xp on a partition and slack on the other.


I would like to install windows first, acctually I think you have to cause windows likes to be first on the hd. I read this somewhere. Is this true? This would also be great because I could use partition magic from my windows install and partion my disk easily.

NTFS is supposed to be a faster file system. But I dont think linux can only read an NTFS fs. It cant read/write. If this is true, I should use FAT32 fs if I want to read/write? I am thinking for security reasons it might be better to only be able to read my windows partiton...

In red hat the partitioning of / /usr and /home were done for you given the space for the entire linux partition during the initial set up. What will I have to look forward to when using slack? Will it automatically configure my partitions for / /usr /home and swap space or is it going to be manual maddness? And if it is manual what should I use as my set up on a 10 to 13 gig slack partition?

Thanks for the help you guys are great! Kudo's to the mods.

quatsch 10-09-2003 08:40 PM

you're better off installing windows first. If you don't want to write to the win partition, then use ntfs - it is faster than fat32.

slackware requires you to manually setup the partitions. I think the latest install routine came with a step where you run a linux partitioning tool (non-gui). Have a swap partiton somewhere between 250 and 500mb, a / partition and /home. I think a 'full' Slack installation needs about 4GB so your / should be at least that big.

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