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stf92 07-03-2011 08:04 PM

gxine does't let me download files of type MP3.
kernel, slackware 12.0
xfce 4.4.1
seamonkey 1.1.2

I go to,_Maurice) >Performances>Prelude a la nuit. If you place the mouse over there, a little box pops-up that says 'Download this file'. So, by clicking 'Prelude a la nuit' I should be downloading the corresponding file (.mp3). But this does not happen. Instead, gxine opens. How can I change this undesirable behavior?

Should I modify something in the web browser? Or perhaps in the desktop environment? I did the following: in SeaMonkey, the web browser I use, I put the url 'about:plugins'. In the table that says "gxine starter plugin" I read audio/mpeg3 and audio/x-mpeg3. So, I went to Edit>Preferences>Helper Applications>New Type. Here I put MIME Type= audio/mpeg3, Extension= mp3. In the same dialog box, under 'When a file is encountered', I chose 'Save it to disk' and 'Always ask me before handling files of this type'. I did the same for audio/x-mpeg3.

I quited SeaMonkey and started it againg. And when I tried to download the said file, again gxine got in the way. Any hint?

cascade9 07-03-2011 09:15 PM

Slightly malformed URL, it should be this-,_Maurice%29

If you were after "1. Prélude à la nuit: très modéré" then right click the link, then click 'save as'.

stf92 07-04-2011 01:37 AM

You're right. I had done this before, but seeing, in the 'Save as' dialog box, that the filename was 76989.htm, I thought it was an htm page. However, it's an MP3 file, as the file command reveals and the file length suggests. Furthermore, mplayer effectively plays it,which is the decisive thing! Why the extension htm is a mistery to me.

But in the meantime, I took more drastic action. I erased everywhere 'locate' found it. Now, when left clicking, I am presented with the classical window where one can choose 'Open it with' or 'Save it to disk. The window says "File base_filename.mp3 is of type audio/mpeg (MP3 files) and SeaMonkey does not know how to handle this file type".

Now, 'MP3 files' is the description I wrote in Helper applications>New Type. But when I created the association, I received a warning saying something like "The assocition would be used only if the site requests an external program to open the file. Proceed anyway?" I replied Yes because I was stating "Save to disk". Not open with. However, it was of no use.

And gxine always hangs up. And I prefer MPlayer. Well, thanks anyways, as your advice was helpful after all.

P.S.: how did you write the accents, if I may ask? The only way I know is by using the Alt key and the numeric pad.

cascade9 07-05-2011 01:47 AM

I got the accents the easy way- I copied and pasted the title :D

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