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cooperthehuman 09-10-2012 07:27 PM

Grub2 + EFI from scratch
Hi, I'm running a CentOS 6.0 (32bit) VM (VMware fusion) and trying to get the VM to boot via EFI. I've created the efi system partition (vfat, 1st partition, 100M) and have a /boot (ext3) and / (ext3) in this VM. I've set up a GPT and it still boots fine with non-efi BIOS boot. Now I'm trying to get GRUB2 in here to finish off what I believe I need to to get the EFI boot to work.

I'm trying to compile grub2. I'm seeing "Platform: i386-pc" and (I'm not sure) but I think I need this to be i386-efi or, even better, x86_64 because I've read that all EFIs (aside from mac) x86_64. My question is: does building grub2 on a BIOS booted / 32bit environment prevent me from being able to use the generated tools for x86_64-efi and EFI booting? It seems when I do a grub-mkconfig -O x86_64-efi -d . [etc.] it's not happy. I'd like to see /usr/lib/grub/x86_64-efi get created, instead I'm seeing only /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc. Possibly there's a ./configure parameter I haven't found yet.

I'm also looking for any feedback/input on creating all of this from scratch. The CentOS install disks I've found don't have an ESP so I'm not able to actually install an EFI based installation unfortunately. It's been non-stop chicken-and-egg. Thank you.


tlowk 10-07-2012 04:37 AM

I used these for inspiration

to build:

to install

I first made a usb drive with an efi grub, that way I could build a kernel with EFI
support and get it working.

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