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mandrakethepenguin 01-17-2006 03:49 PM

GRUB gives error messages after a OpenSuSE install attempt on a External HD
I decided to wipe out my old, crammed external HD (79.9GB 7200RPM FireWire Connected) and give Suse Linux another chance (It wouldn't run very fast since I didn't have any more partitions left to assign swap space). I tried to install it on my external HD, but during the bootloader installation, I got two GRUB errors, And then YaST gives me the option to abort or edit the GRUB configuration. The GRUB bootloader files are on the internal hard drive on a reiserfs with 755 permissions. I think the errors are trying to tell me that YaST can't write to GRUB's master boot record. Should I temporalily chmod the /boot directory to 777 and change it back to 755 after the installation, or will that effect GRUB? By the way, currently im dual-booting Micro$oft Windows XP home and Ubuntu Linux 5.10.

damicatz 01-19-2006 03:37 PM

1.Are you using GRUB as your main bootloader (IE to boot to Windows as well)?
2.Is the GRUB Bootloader and it's config files on the same hard-drive?
3.What is the actual error message you are getting?

The MBR is an area of the hard disk that tells your computers BIOS how to boot your operating system. It is not normally accessible via userland utilties and will not show up as a directory.

The /boot directory contains your boot loader, it's config files (in the case of GRUB anyways) and the Linux kernel.

The BIOS reads the MBR which contains the initial "stage" of GRUB which then proceeds to access your /boot partition, read the config files there and then boot the OS of your choice.

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