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mikmok 02-18-2004 09:50 AM

grub Error 6:Mismatched o corrupt version of stage1/stage 2
Hi all,

after cloning an ide hdd (reiser + grub on a suse 9)
i've booted from the suse install cdrom
entered the rescue subsys
and issued
mount /dev/hda /mnt/hda
chroot /mnt/hda
grub-install --recheck /dev/hda

the result is
Error 6:Mismatched o corrupt version of stage1/stage 2

i issue the same comand once again and i had no errors :confused: :confused:

anyway i've restarted the system but

after the reboot terribly the problem is that it flash one second and then it beeps for some second
then the screen remain black with the prompt blinking about 20 chars from the left.

don't laugh please.

thank you

aus9 03-01-2004 03:56 AM

umm when you say clone do you mean you put a new drive in to replace the old one, and if so did it occur you may have different drive geometries?

just a wild thought.

heres the grub manual

stage 2 error 6 is from source above
6 : Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2
This error is returned if the install command points to incompatible or corrupt versions of the stage1 or stage2. It can't detect corruption in general, but this is a sanity check on the version numbers, which should be correct.

stage 1 error 6 is from source above
allegedly the same error but I like this one

Geom Error
The location of the stage2 or stage1.5 is not in the portion of the disk supported directly by the BIOS read calls. This could occur because the BIOS translated geometry has been changed by the user or the disk is moved to another machine or controller after installation, or GRUB was not installed using itself (if it was, the Stage 2 version of this error would have been seen during that process and it would not have completed the install).

Resolution I assume you just want to use images on a new drive?

so re-run grub but not with a recheck command

eg use grub-install /dev/hda

if that fails open a terminal and type su to get root password
once prompt changes to root
type grub and you enter the (bash like) grub editor
type each line and press enter

assume you want mbr install

grub> root (hd0)
grub > setup (hd0)
grub > boot

The last command does NOT cause reboot then you close the terminal and test.

If all works make a new boot floppy please

mikmok 03-02-2004 11:52 AM

Thank you for your kind reply, i read it only today. I'll try asap what you've suggested.

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