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Sebastian Naitsabes 07-03-2005 08:13 AM

Grub Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition and other Grub problems
During the last few days I have been trying to get Grub to work again, but have experienced many problems for the whole story visit:

Last night I got my PC to boot from the second hard disk at last after changeing some setting in the Bios. No not the boot order.

Ok so now I can boot Windows up from the first hard disk first if I want to, and Grub from the second hard disk as in my Linux hard disk. Yes, but only Grub.

It comes up with the Grub menu. Yes with my settings from well before. What I used to have on the Windows hard disk when I had Grub working on there. I mean as in for example it says it can boot Windows XP Home Edition, because I had edited Grub before so it would say that. Also it knows that I had told it to put a password for Grub, but unfortunately now well, it seems that it won't work.

If I press P to provide a password to unlock the next set of features. Where I type the password in it comes up with **. I can delete ** anyway I have been putting what I believe is my password in with ** being there and after I have deleted the **.

I assume if I cannot provide a password to unlock the next set of features that I, won't be able to fix my other two problems with this Grub mentioned below. Why dosan't grub-install /dev/hdb just go over Grub on that hard disk? As in removes all of Grub and then re installs a clean install of Grub?

To be honest with you I am getting rather annoyed with Grub and the many problems I have had with it on this PC. Infact I am so annoyed that I am likeing how Windows does it's thing going over the MBR. Now that is pretty bad that I am starting to really like a feature of Windows I reckon. Although nice one to Microsoft I must say at least booting up their OS dosan't rely on programs such as Grub or Lilo. I have not used Lilo yet, but maybe it is time that I do so.

Now that I have re installed Grub from the CD I don't even get that fancy Fedora Core background. I read some where that this is what happens when people re install Grub from the CD they lose the background. So why not use Lilo?

I am perfectly happy going into my Bios and saying boot from Windows hard disk first and then if you cannot find the Windows hard disk boot from the Linux disk or the other way round. What would be good is if users such as myself for example were given a choice, either boot from a boot loader such as Grub or Lilo or have Linux booting from the hard drive like Windows does when it goes over the MBR.

When I tell it to boot Fedora Core 4 it dosan't and this comes up:
Botting 'Fedora Core (2.6.11_1.1369_FC4)'

root (hd1,0)
Filesystem type unknown ,Partion type 0x7 Kernel /Vmlinuz-2.6.11-1.1369-FC4 ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet

Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition

Press any key to continue..._ If I do that it just goes back to the menu.

When I try and boot Windows XP Home Edition it just comes up with loads of Grub's going down the screen.

I hope that you will be able to help me and if you do thanks in advance.


For some reason or reasons this PC dose not seem to boot from Floppy disks anymore. I have had a look at websites that explain how to create a Grub boot up CD, but I didn't understand how to do this, but it would be useful if I had one of those that worked I reckon.

Brian Knoblauch 07-05-2005 09:33 AM

I've suffered several bizarre problems since going with GRUB (now the default on the distro I use). Ended up switching back to LILO. It may not be pretty, but it's a lot more reliable!

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