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narutovsvegito 07-13-2006 03:26 PM

GPS receiver. airsnort and suse 10
I finally got airsnort and kismet to work together with a linksys wpc55ag v1.1 and suse 10, although iwpriv doesnít show monitor mode. In the kismet.conf I added 'myuser1' then I logged in as 'myuser1'. I ran 'su' command, then 'iwconfig ath0 mode monitor' command, and then I ran airsnort, and didnít start it yet. In another shell I ran sudo kismet, entered the root pswd, kismet launched and then I started airsnort.

What GPS receiver can I use to map out 10 acres of access points; I would like to use it in conjunction with air snort or any other useful mapping tool. My goal is to have a map of all the access points in our company, this will allows to see if there are any unauthorized rouge AP's on our property.

Axo 07-14-2006 05:20 PM

Been a while since I used kismet, but if I remember correctly kismet works with GpsDrive.
Good luck

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