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cinnix 07-17-2001 06:04 PM

got an old pentium...
I have an old pentium 120 with 16 megs of RAM and would like to do something to have it run KDE more comfortably. (Hardware upgrade is way too expensive for it. 64 megs RAM would cost like $165 )

Is there anything I can do to make this work, such as clustering it with my other computer or making an X-terminal out of it.

BTW the other computer is a 466 celeron with 192 RAM

I am open to any suggestion even if it about other interesting ways to use it. With it's less than mediocre performance it is not adequate for tastes, but it doesn't really qualify as a boat anchor yet.

dilberim82 07-17-2001 06:25 PM

I dont get it why is upgrading your memory cost $165? Do you have to change your motherboard or something? If it costs that much i would say, just make that comp an mp3 player for you car and buy a new comp :).

jrmann1999 07-17-2001 06:54 PM

Running X on that box is going to be painful no matter what you do. I'd suggest using XDM and letting your celery remote login to the machine.


DavidPhillips 07-17-2001 11:04 PM

Simms are getting expensive and not worth it.

I have a few old computers in this condition. They will work as an internet connection server if you need one, but X is too slow to use with any satisfaction.

I built a new one.

cinnix 07-17-2001 11:55 PM

Oh well, I just thought I might be able to something useful with it. Memory costs that much because they are simms that must be bought in pairs. I checked it out at and at the local best buy.

gcombe74 07-18-2001 12:01 AM

have you tried looking around at used computer or electronics places? Ebay maybe or sites that sell used computers. What ever you dont pay retail for this, you will get bent over. In the area I live in machines like these are donated to the DI and can be purchased (machine and all for 25.00) from there you can strip out what you need and toss the rest.


DavidPhillips 07-18-2001 12:24 AM

My problem is the size of the simms available and the number of slots I have. To get up to 128 or even 64 MB is not easy to do as everyone that has them are mostly using 8 or 16 MB simms.

I have a lot of simms, Has anyone tried to use a bridge to add more slots?

gcombe74 07-18-2001 12:29 AM

true, very true, once in a while you do get lucky and find one that has something worth getting, around here most people dont have a clue that the memory in them is worth more than the whole thing combined, which makes for easy pickins, the hard part is beating the rest of the junkies that do know what is worth to the punch!

cinnix 07-18-2001 01:34 AM

I am going to keep an eye out. I used to have a laptop that was destroyed during a "table leg failure" that was a pentium 120 with 40 megs of RAM. It ran things X pretty good. SO I think if I can just get a hold of some RAM, I will be good to go.

But what about running it as a thin-client. (diskless workstation) I hear about people running it on 386's but I don't see anything about performance.

cinnix 07-18-2001 01:55 AM

I found this and it looks pretty feasible to do. Has anyone tried anything like this.

emperor13 07-19-2001 09:39 AM

i have done what you have said but it didn't work out.

about your problem i thing that only more ram maybe would do the trick

php 07-19-2001 11:34 PM


About your problem, eBay is a definite place to buy ram. I have Debian 2.1 loaded on a Pentium 120 with 56 megs of ram and it runs X just fine. For $119.00 on eBay I bought a Micron Millenia MXE + with a Pentium 200 w/mmx, 192 megs (SIMMS), 2 hdds, and 2 new PCI network cards.. it runs X real well :)

philfighter 07-20-2001 11:23 AM

Compaq madness!
Is it a compaq??? hahahaha
I have one just like that...
A very old distro with fvwm or openlook as yur desktop is the only way yull ever get X to work half-decent!
Simms are just too damn expensive!

cinnix 07-20-2001 11:37 AM

No it is a Gateway 2000.

Does anyone have any opinions about using it as a thin-client.

dilberim82 07-20-2001 12:12 PM

I think pricewatch is the best place to look for computer components. I highly recomend it.

DavidPhillips 07-21-2001 09:13 PM

What I decided to do was wait until I could build a 800 MHz for $400.00 and I was glad I did.

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