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jonathan_hehn 11-18-2003 12:49 PM

Gnome apps font size
I looked around in the forums for a while and didn't find anything that solved my problem, so here tis...

I was wondering how to shrink the application font size for Gnome applications. When I run GNUcash, *(which is why I'm posting this, btw), the font size is much too large to be functional. It did it in one other program also, which I can't remember at the moment. But it doesn't seem to do this with native KDE apps. I tried opening up /etc/X11/fs/config and #-ing out the 100dpi font references, but that didn't do anything. I've also checked various KDE and Gnome font settings in their respective config tools, but that doesn't seem to do anything either. Anyone know why these fonts are so humungous?

Thanks for your help,

Oh, my laptop screen resolution us 1024x786 or whatever that one is exactly. When I open the options menu in GNUcash, I cannot even see the entire menu (i.e. the OK button at the bottom is beyond the screen boundries, and the window is non-resizable).

jonathan_hehn 11-20-2003 04:31 PM

*bump* -- i have found out that this problem extends to all gnome apps including xmms, certain config programs, the gimp, etc

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