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smudge|lala 08-26-2005 06:45 PM

Generic Custom Boot Disk Settings
Just wondering..

There are many rescue disks of various Linux flavours, complete or cut down. I have played with a few such types to include the Ultimate Rescue Disk from Linux Format magazine.

What I am trying to do along these lines is to make a boot disk where at the prompt I can decide what I want to boot from a disk I have burnt. If anyone else here subscribes to a linux magazine that gives you several distros on the front cover, you will see some are only about 600-700Mb. In essence, several could be burnt on a DVD in separate directories in the ISO to try, rather than a whole stack of Cd's and a day burning them (ok slight exaggeration!).

I would like to make a DVD of several distros and be able to choose which I boot/install from the boot disk only I do not know how to do this or what software/scripts might achieve this. Can anyone offer any suggestions. Not only would it be quick and handy but would also be useful in my rescue tools collection as I'm sure if one won't work, another will. Any suggestions would be greatly received.

corbintechboy 08-26-2005 08:28 PM

I have thought about this also. There is a problem tho, if you can get a distro to write to the dvd like it is a harddrive, it will want to have reat/write access while you are running it. I have thought this to death and don't believe it would be possible.

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