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byahya 08-13-2008 10:08 AM

FTP users home directory on remote server
Hi all,

Well I am stuck with this problem can seems to get through it, so If anyone help me out will be great.

The senario is that I wanted to create an ftp server with the ftp user home directory pointing to a samba shared folde, so if anything is uploaded or downloaded should be stored on the samba shared folder. (due to more hd space).

So far I have got the ftp server up and running with the user logging in and directory being showed is also the shared directory, so far what I wanted is achived simple ABC, BUT the real problem is I can not write in the designated directory.

The samba share is properly mounted with correct permission for the samba user.
Using vsftp with no ch root and writing enabled.

When I take the listing of the folder /mnt/ it got permision of 755 but when I log on the samba server and see the permision of the shared folder it shows permission of 777.

Now I cant get through it what do I have to do to get the permision straight have also tried to change the file permision on the samba server.

Please help.


netman4ttm 08-13-2008 10:41 AM

A mounted volume always takes on the permissions of the directory the mount is made into, regardless of the permissions the mounted volume might have on it's own server.

Change the permissions of the mount directory on the ftp server to 766 and the issue should be solved.

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