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crwdawg 05-08-2006 01:44 PM

FTP server best practices
Let me start by saying that I know sftp is better and more secure than FTP and should be used instead. That being said, I am implementing a small FTP server for a few users, and several different clients to be able to upload files. I'd like to have as little administration overhead as possible. Here is what I would like to have happen.

User requests new FTP server. Network admin logs in, uses adduser to create a new account for their client to upload files. That much I know........

I'd like one account that if the user logs in, they see all other user folders, and have permissions to copy/delete files. I figure I would setup a ftpadmin account with a home folder of /home and set group on /home to root.ftpadmin. I would then chgrp all of the user folders to ftpadmin so it is owned by the user, and the ftpadmin group. Then I would set folder permissions to 770 so the user and anyone in the ftpadmin group could read/write to it, but no-one else. This gives the ftpadmin group permissions to see all files and delete them as well.

Is there an easier way to do this? End user stuff must be monkey proof, admin stuff should be easy enough for a Windows network admin to understand.

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