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Prasun1 09-20-2005 04:36 AM

ftp program
Hi all,

I often have to ftp files from a particular directory in a remote server. This directory contains 500+ files and all of them have the same extension say .xyz. Now when I do mget *.xyz it asks me individually for each of the files to be copied or not .As for eg I get the following every time I try to ftp from this directory.


This continues for all the 500+ files...means I get the message 500+ times and I do a yes ('y') everytime I want to ftp the files. Now I want to have all the files ftped to the desired location.Is there any option with mget that will not throw this message (Copy for each file copied but will simply ftp all the files silently to the desired location.Because it is simply a waste of time to sit back and type 'y' for each of the files to be ftped.

On the other hand if it is not possible thru command , is it possible to write a shell script for the same that will automatically answer yes ('y') for each file ftped and will ftp all the files to the desired location once it is executed.
The program takes into account that all the files are to be ftped from the directory and that there are no exceptions to it.

Please help me with the concepts reqd to perform the above job. It will be really helpful.

Thanks and Regards

bathory 09-20-2005 05:59 AM

Just give "prompt off" before the mget *.xyz

Prasun1 09-20-2005 08:40 AM

thanks a lot , it worked

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