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spokie99 04-11-2005 12:49 PM

ftp-control "226 File send OK" sent too early
The configuration:
Red Hat Linux release 9 / Kernel 2.4.20-16.9 on an i686

When trying to use Linux FTP server to download a file from a PC connected to a mobile, I see a ftp-control frame interleaved with last ftp-data frames. This ftp-control frame contains the string "226 File send OK.".

The problem is that the MS is busy answering the ftp-data frames sending ftp-ack to the server and therefore it cannot manage to reply to the server in time. This leads the Linux server to repeat the "226 File send OK.".

The consequence of this retransmission at TCP level is that the next FTP download shall be done using TCP congestion avoidance state... which means bad throughput seen from the mobile.

Is there somebody who knows in wich file is located the string "226 File send OK." ?

Is there somebody who knows if it is possible to avoid that the server sends such a message at the end of the transfer ?

trickykid 06-29-2005 11:10 AM

This would most likely be in the ftpd server code or daemon would be my guess.. not in a configuration file.

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