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Old 01-09-2005, 08:51 PM   #1
Registered: May 2004
Location: NJ - USA
Distribution: Gentoo on 2.6.6
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Font size issues in Gentoo with Fluxbox

Hello all,

I reciently ran an emerge -ua world on my system.

Upon reloading X, I got an error, it seemed my XF86Config file got modified, and the driver for the keyboard was listed with a leading capital letter ("Keyboard" vs the correct "keyboard")

Well, I fixed that, got back into X, and now fluxbox is acting very weird. The font sizes are about 2x what they used to be.

Any ideas on what I can do?


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Old 01-09-2005, 10:11 PM   #2
Registered: Jul 2004
Location: Austin, Texas!
Distribution: Gentoo
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Try doing this. startx --dpi 90. Increase the 90 incrimentally if you want the fonts bigger. Decrease the 90 if you want fonts smaller. When you finally get the right number, add this to your .bashrc file in your home dir. If there isn't one, make one.: alias startx='startx --dpi number'
Old 01-10-2005, 08:24 PM   #3
Registered: May 2004
Location: NJ - USA
Distribution: Gentoo on 2.6.6
Posts: 39

Original Poster
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I tried dpi 90, 80, 70, 60, 50 and they all look the same.

The font style in X (fluxbox) and the size is just completely different, and I dont know how to change it. Shouldn't this be controlled in my ~/.fluxbox/init file?
Old 01-13-2005, 10:23 AM   #4
Registered: Nov 2003
Distribution: Ubuntu
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Are you talking about the font in your menu? That's listed in the configuration file of whatever style you're using. If you have anti-aliasing turn on you can change the size of the font in the style config. I'm not at my Linux computer so I can't give you an example, sorry.

Hope this helps.

Old 01-13-2005, 11:49 AM   #5
Registered: May 2004
Location: NJ - USA
Distribution: Gentoo on 2.6.6
Posts: 39

Original Poster
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The font size seems to be giving me issues in the following:

The main menu (right click on desktop), the toolbar text (though, I actually would rather have this larger - but having it as it was before would suffice), and gaim for some reason took on the large text.

If you could tell me where the config files are located or what to look for it would be greatly appreciated.

- Steve
Old 01-13-2005, 04:36 PM   #6
Gentoo Developer
Registered: Feb 2004
Location: Fort Lauderdale FL.
Distribution: Gentoo
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That is the style file,yours may be in /usr/share/fluxbox/styles I use /home/me/.fluxbox/styles.Use xfontsel to find the font you want and edit the file.most is here;
here is a nice style
 ! WiYB
! Style name: AeroFlux
! Style Author: MrApples
! Style Date: 04/08/04
! Style Fluxbox 0.9.8
! Style Comments: For use with Aero GTK2 theme.
menu.title:				pixmap
menu.title.color:			#000000                  
menu.title.colorTo:			#000000             
menu.title.font:			mintsmild
menu.title.justify:			Center
menu.title.pixmap:			wtitle.xpm
menu.title.textColor:			#dbdfe8

menu.bevelWidth:			3
menu.borderColor:			#000000
menu.borderWidth:			1                      

menu.bullet.position:			Right
menu.frame: flat
menu.frame.color:			#323443
menu.frame.justify:			Right
menu.frame.font:			mintsmild

!*/note: Both color and colorTo must be set, otherwise the textcolor doesnt change.
menu.frame.textColor:			#ccc3cc
!menu.hilite: 				Sunken Gradient Vertical
menu.hilite:				pixmap
menu.hilite.Color:			#eaeaed
menu.hilite.colorTo:			#7d8798
menu.hilite.pixmap:			wtitle.xpm
menu.hilite.textColor:			#ffffff

menu.roundCorners:		TopLeft TopRight BottomLeft BottomRight       
menu.selected.pixmap:			selected.xpm
menu.unselected.pixmap:			unselected.xpm
menu.submenu.pixmap:			bullet.xpm
toolbar:				pixmap
toolbar.alpha:				200
toolbar.bevelWidth:			0
toolbar.borderColor:			#707885
toolbar.borderWidth:			0
toolbar.color:				#000000
toolbar.colorTo:			#000000 
toolbar.height:				20
toolbar.iconbar.borderColor:		#000000
toolbar.iconbar.borderWidth:		0
toolbar.pixmap:				toolbar.xpm
toolbar.shaped:				False
toolbar.iconbar.empty:			pixmap
toolbar.iconbar.empty.color:		#000000 
toolbar.iconbar.empty.colorTo:		#000000 
toolbar.iconbar.empty.pixmap:		toolbar.xpm
toolbar.clock:				pixmap
toolbar.clock.borderColor:		#000000
toolbar.clock.borderWidth:              0
toolbar.clock.color:                    #000000
toolbar.clock.colorTo:			#000000
toolbar.clock.justify:                  Center
toolbar.clock.pixmap:                   toolbar.xpm
toolbar.clock.font: 			snap
toolbar.clock.textColor:		#dbdfe8
toolbar.workspace: 			pixmap
toolbar.workspace.borderWidth:          0
toolbar.workspace.color:                #000000
toolbar.workspace.colorTo:		#000000             
toolbar.workspace.justify:              Center
toolbar.workspace.pixmap:              	toolbar.xpm
toolbar.workspace.font:		        snap
toolbar.workspace.textColor:		#dbdfe8
toolbar.iconbar.focused:		pixmap
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderColor:    #a4a9b5
toolbar.iconbar.focused.borderWidth:    0
toolbar.iconbar.focused.color:          #000000
toolbar.iconbar.focused.colorTo:	#000000 
toolbar.iconbar.focused.justify:        Center
toolbar.iconbar.focused.pixmap:		wtitle.xpm
toolbar.iconbar.focused.font:		snap
toolbar.iconbar.focused.textColor:	#dbdfe8
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused:		pixmap
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderColor:	#a4a9b5
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.borderWidth:  0

!*/ If 'Color:' and 'ColorTo:' have values, the pixmap doesnt show.
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.justify:      Center
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.pixmap:	toolbar.xpm
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.font:		anorexia
toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.textColor:	#dbdfe8

toolbar.button:             		Raised Gradient Vertical	
toolbar.button.color:          		#999999
toolbar.button.colorTo:         	#000000

window.font: 				anorexia:shadow
window.roundCorners:		TopLeft TopRight BottomLeft BottomRight	   
window.title.height: 			20      
window.justify:				Center
window.alpha:                           166
window.bevelWidth:                      0
window.borderColor:                     #000000
window.borderWidth:                     1
window.frame.focusColor:                #000000
window.frame.unfocusColor:              #000000
window.shade.pixmap:                    wtitle.xpm
window.shade.pressed.pixmap:            wtitle.xpm
window.shade.unfocus.pixmap:            wtitle-unfocus.xpm
window.title.focus:                     pixmap
window.title.focus.color:               #000000
window.title.focus.colorTo:             #000000
window.title.focus.pixmap:		wtitle.xpm
window.title.unfocus:                   pixmap
window.title.unfocus.color:             #000000
window.title.unfocus.colorTo:           #000000
window.title.unfocus.pixmap:		wtitle-unfocus.xpm    
window.label.focus:                     pixmap
window.label.focus.color:               #0000
window.label.focus.colorTo:             #000000
window.label.focus.pixmap:              wtitle.xpm
window.label.focus.textColor:		#dbdfe8
window.label.unfocus:			Raised Bevel1 Gradient Vertical
window.label.unfocus.color:		#000000				
window.label.unfocus.colorTo:           #000000
window.label.unfocus.pixmap: 		wtitle-unfocus.xpm
window.label.unfocus.textColor:		#dbdfe8
window.close.pixmap:                    close.xpm
window.close.pressed.pixmap:            close.xpm
window.close.unfocus.pixmap:            close-unfocus.xpm
window.maximize.pixmap:                 max.xpm
window.maximize.pressed.pixmap:         max-pressed.xpm
window.maximize.unfocus.pixmap:         max-unfocus.xpm
window.iconify.pixmap:                  icon.xpm
window.iconify.pressed.pixmap:          icon.xpm
window.iconify.unfocus.pixmap:          icon-unfocus.xpm
window.stick.pixmap:                    stick.xpm
window.stick.pressed.pixmap:           	stuck.xpm
window.stick.unfocus.pixmap:            stick-unfocus.xpm
window.stuck.pixmap:                    stuck.xpm
window.stuck.unfocus.pixmap:            stuck-unfocus.xpm

window.grip.focus:			pixmap
window.grip.focus.color:		#000000
window.grip.focus.colorTo:		#000000
window.grip.focus.pixmap:		wtitle-unfocus.xpm
here is my /home/me/.fluxbox/init
session.screen0.overlay.lineWidth:	1
session.screen0.overlay.lineStyle:	LineSolid
session.screen0.overlay.joinStyle:	JoinMiter
session.screen0.overlay.capStyle:	CapNotLast	Left	Top	True	16	64
session.screen0.toolbar.maxOver:	false
session.screen0.toolbar.widthPercent:	79
session.screen0.toolbar.layer:	Desktop
session.screen0.toolbar.onTop:	False	workspacename, prevworkspace, nextworkspace, iconbar, systemtray, prevwindow, nextwindow, clock
session.screen0.toolbar.autoHide:	false
session.screen0.toolbar.visible:	true
session.screen0.toolbar.placement:	BottomLeft
session.screen0.toolbar.onhead:	0
session.screen0.toolbar.height:	0
session.screen0.toolbar.alpha:	255
session.screen0.iconbar.iconTextPadding:	10l
session.screen0.iconbar.deiconifyMode:	Follow
session.screen0.iconbar.wheelMode:	Screen
session.screen0.iconbar.usePixmap:	true
session.screen0.iconbar.alignment:	Relative
session.screen0.iconbar.mode:	Workspace
session.screen0.iconbar.iconWidth:	70
session.screen0.slit.autoHide:	false
session.screen0.slit.placement:	BottomRight
session.screen0.slit.maxOver:	false
session.screen0.slit.layer:	Dock
session.screen0.slit.onhead:	0
session.screen0.slit.alpha:	255
session.screen0.slit.direction:	Vertical
session.screen0.slit.onTop:	False	150
session.screen0.window.focus.alpha:	255
session.screen0.window.unfocus.alpha:	166
session.screen0.antialias:	true
session.screen0.resizeMode:	Bottom
session.screen0.strftimeFormat:	%l:%M
session.screen0.opaqueMove:	false
session.screen0.menuMode:	Delay
session.screen0.workspaceNames:	Gentoo.tux,two,three,four,
session.screen0.decorateTransient:	false
session.screen0.focusModel:	ClickToFocus
session.screen0.rootCommand:	Esetroot -scale /home/david/in_the_depths.jpg
session.screen0.menuAlpha:	146
session.screen0.fullMaximization:	false
session.screen0.sloppywindowgrouping:	true
session.screen0.followModel:	Ignore
session.screen0.workspaces:	4
session.screen0.autoRaise:	false
session.screen0.colPlacementDirection:	TopToBottom
session.screen0.showwindowposition:	true
session.screen0.desktopwheeling:	true
session.screen0.edgeSnapThreshold:	0
session.screen0.imageDither:	false
session.screen0.focusNewWindows:	true
session.screen0.windowPlacement:	RowSmartPlacement
session.screen0.menuDelayClose:	0
session.screen0.workspacewarping:	true
session.screen0.rowPlacementDirection:	LeftToRight
session.screen0.focusLastWindow:	true
session.screen0.clickRaises:	true
session.screen0.menuDelay:	0
session.titlebar.left:	Stick 
session.titlebar.right:	Minimize Maximize Close 
session.cacheLife:	5l
session.cacheMax:	200l
session.ignoreBorder:	false
session.opaqueMove:	False
session.doubleClickInterval:	250
session.numLayers:	13
session.tabsAttachArea:	Window
session.tabPadding:	0
session.tabs:	true
session.colorsPerChannel:	4
session.iconbar:	true
session.appsFile:	~/.fluxbox/apps
session.menuFile:	~/.fluxbox/menu
session.focusTabMinWidth:	0
session.keyFile:	~/.fluxbox/keys
session.imageDither:	True
session.autoRaiseDelay:	250
session.forcePseudoTransparency:	false
session.updateDelayTime:	0
session.useMod1:	true
session.styleFile:	/home/david/.fluxbox/styles/AeroFlux

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Old 01-13-2005, 05:47 PM   #7
Registered: Nov 2003
Distribution: Ubuntu
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While we're on the subject of Fluxbox menus and fonts, is there a way to change the line spacing in the menu? I want to change mine to one line spacing instead of the 1.5 line spacing it currently has. Is that a function of the font that is used?



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