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kelilinux 01-30-2006 06:41 PM

flumotion install to client view
FC4, flumotion install from Yumex

I am new to this forum and forums generally. I am seeking to effectively use flumotion. I have installed Fedora C4 (server config). I was able to install flumotion via YUM (yumex actually) and get a test stream going out according to the flumotion wizard, but I was unable to view the stream from a client.

I have read the manual provided at fluendo, but it does not, as far as I saw, push through from making a test stream to how a client can view this stream. I know this is a linux forum and not just a specific software "how to," but I thought I might be doing something wrong in my install or in my config of FC4 that is causing my problems. Also, streaming on linux in general might be relevant to my problem so I thought I'd post here. Actually, I have had several ideas as to how to try to solve this, and have trialed/errored some attempts both on the FC4 configuration end and on the flumotion set up, but none have thus far been a hit.

I thought others might have, 1, been successful with flumotion, and that, 2, still others might find a breakdown of how to go from install to client stream with flumotion useful. I know I would!

So, my first most basic question is, how to view flumotion streams with a client... and most specifically, what is the "name" ofthe test stream. But this question likely relates both to flumotion set up generally as well as linux/fc4 configuration for streaming generally.

By the way... If there is a forum for this already, please direct me to it. I searched under flumotion and did not find flumotion centered or fedora/linux streaming thread that exactly fit. If there is one, though, please send me there.

Also, I will gladly provide any more specifics as needed.

I am new to this forum, but am very grateful for it, and I look forward to any responses the group might have.

Thank you in advance,

kelilinux 01-30-2006 06:59 PM

By the way, I'm not trying for home streaming from once source to a television, or some home entertainment system, but, rather, in internet streaming/viewing of movies/clips/streams, etc. If such home streaming is relevant to setting up flumotion for internet streaming (playlists, movie storage for streaming, etc), please feel free to post about it, but I just wanted to clarify the kind of streaming/ client viewing I am trying for. Thanks! Kelilinux

kelilinux 01-31-2006 02:26 AM

ugg. Just posted a solution to some of my issues but it was wiped out bacuase I forgot that you can't post "you arr ells" to other sites till after 5 posts (and I ignored my own advice to always copy before sending). I was not advertising, just placing useful links that helped me. Oops.

Here is a sorry summation of what i just sent. If having issues with flumotion...

Make sure apache is tuned up, as well as java. Stanton Finley's fedora core 4 installation notes, while not at all about flumotion, is useful to newbies and to those well along in making sure base settings are solid foundationally. They might not apply to everyone, or even work for everyone, but conceptually, the site sends visitors down the right path.

Once apache and java and cetera are tuned, get yum to have livna repo. Use yumex to download flumotion. get manual (pdf or http) from the documentation tab on the left side of the flumotion sub-site of fluendo. Follow it through installation of wizard. [Note, just when the command to bring up the wizard is suggested, no wizard might appear. If so, check desktop, applications, and sound and video column, and see if flumotion admin is already there. If so, click, and then click "join running manager." Local host and 7531 should be pre-loaded in the next option box. Click forward (or ok). On the next little screen, enter "user" as user and "test" as passw. This should open wizard gui.]
Once wizard is open,
Click through follow wizard defaults (read and understand them, but option wise, accept the defaults).
Should end in happy faces (all but one or two, or maybe all) representing formatted nad muxed and threora'd and ogg'd streams/video/audio, etc..
Open VLC player in host computer. Click file, click "open network stream..."
In middle/left of window, click http/https/ftp/mms... enter the "you arrr elll" plus the port number eighteightzerozero.
For good measure, click "stream output" and click "settings." In new window, click "play locally." Click ok ok ok until player is up. Color bars and tone should play.

If not color bars don't paly, make sure router and computer ports (stream-host and client) are open properly, make sure apache and java are tuned right. Again, I found that Finley's fedora core 4 installation notes (can't enter website), while not at all about flumotion, is useful to newbies and those well along alike in making sure base settings are solid foundationally. They might not apply to everyone or even work for everyone, but conceptually, the site sends visitors down the right path.

If flumotion does not seem to stream, again, make sure apache/java/ and other settings related to port/stream/and video are properly set up for streaming.

Ok, sorry that's rough. My last post got eaten. It seems I'm answering myself, but I want to put up something that might help someone else. However, I believe that additions to this this post by people with more experience who can really lay out how to go step by step from base linux config to a streaming set up, ideally with flumotion, but in general... this could be useful to folks. Streaming is only going to get more relevant, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would benefit from some real detailed discussion about setting it all up. Ok, so use or critique or correct or build upon this as you will. I wish it was more "tight" but hopefully it is a start.


kelilinux 02-24-2006 07:34 PM

Streaming Video, Stream, Playlist, Flumotion, Mplayer, Totem, etc....

So, as noted above, I have flumotion basically installed on FC4. I have issues making it work with FC2 that I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on (this relates to other issues I am having making yum work on FC2, and with selinux snags related to how it is loaded or not loaded onto FC2), but that's a different topic.

My real next question, though, is how to stream a playlist of pre-recorded video files through flumotion. Could one use mplayer or totem to play a play list and have that stream to flumotion? I have not been able to make Totem's output to TV option work, though it seems promising. Does Mplayer have such an option? And is there a universal tv card driver for linux?...

So, my main question is, how do I get a playlist of pre-recorded video to play on flumotion? But I am interested in discussing mplayer and totem in relation to this question too.


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