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AP81 01-07-2007 10:42 PM

Floppy based linux for hard drive backups
Hi guys,

I would like to make a bootable floppy disk that contains dd (for linux backups) and ntfsclone (for NTFS backups). The kernel only needs SATA and IDE support and a command line. No network,PCMCIA,etc. is needed.

Is there anything out there that already meets my needs? I thought I'd as before I jump into compiling a kernel with and creating some init scripts to do this task.

Thanks in advance,

shorty943 01-10-2007 07:29 AM

Rather than a floppy, why not try Puppy linux or Damn Small Linux. Both are full mini distro's that fit on a mini CD. DSL will even fit on a business card CD, loads completely into memory at a "full and bulky" 35 Mb, and gives a blindingly fast system.


JZL240I-U 01-11-2007 02:02 AM (I think)

Also have a look at

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