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e1000 08-02-2004 02:36 AM

fixing or reading a broken FAT partition ??
something weird hapened in my hard drive and now the MBR does not read properly, and my windows partition has a corrupted FS.

I was wondering if theres any linux tool that can help read (or fix) a broken fat32 FS. I'm prety sure that only a small part of the partition is corrupted, but enough is gone such that mount wont recognize it.

it is VERRY inportant that I can get in, even if I cant fix it, because I have some documents there that have not been backed up.

all my other partitions work, and I have mounted and recovered data from all my linux partitions, thats why I believe that if I found a program such as I have described, I could recover my documents.

any suggestions would be helpfull

peter_robb 08-02-2004 02:37 PM

You can use a linux boot-cd system to start the pc then mount the hd then copy the files to a safe place, eg cd writer

Small distros like Damn Small Linux (50MB) or PHLAK or any Linux install cd using the rescue option, or even a big cd distro like KNOPPIX will do this.

A list is on the LQ Wiki at

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