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spooodini 10-22-2003 09:37 PM

Fix a path problem
I tried to install C++ compiler on to Madrake 9.1 using rpm, but the system can't find the c compiler. I think the path is wrong. How do I go about fixing the path or figuring out where the compiler is?

bhaslinux 10-22-2003 11:38 PM

i have no much idea on mandrake and i use redhat
but since rpm is the same in both i suppose i can help

1. find out where the c compiler is installed. This can be done by using rpm

say ur package is xxx.i386mdk.rpm
then issue command

rpm -q -l xxx

this will give u all the files which belong to that rpm. Find out where is the cc or gcc is installed

after this say it is (mostly will be installed in /usr/bin )
installed in /opt/bin, edit a file in /etc/profile.d

and type the path there


this will get sourced when a login shell starts -
and if things go right then u will be able to get hold of
gcc in that path !

u can also do a verify if there are some files which are
missing in the installation using

rpm -q -V xxx

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