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scottflyer 05-25-2006 07:16 PM

Firefox Won't Start, No Err Logs, Net seems OK

In FC5 x86-32, Firefox now fails to startup either from GUI or CLI. I'm on the machine now, in Opera. Konqueror's browser function also will fail to startup or crashes. gaim works. Opera works fine except when I go to a download page and click "save," it then crashes. No error logs are created and when a browser is started at the command line, no error is echoed on the command line. Ping works. Since everything else in the network is ok, is it something subtile about the network setup? I recently changed from dhcp to fixed ip, but I can't see a setup error. I've searched dmesg and to see if any file in
/var/logs is changed (looking at date/time) after any of the programs fails to start or craches. No change.

I don't have a clue:confused: . Can someone shed some light? Thanks in advance!:D

bathory 05-26-2006 02:09 AM


strace -d <app-name>
from command line perhaps should tell you what's going wrong.

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