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tomd12 06-17-2010 07:31 AM

firefox on startup - connection order

I have installed the latest ubuntu, installed r kiosk add-on for firefox, and have added 'firefox' to my startup applications (gui). I've also enabled the user to be logged in with no prompts and disabled most of the keyboard shortcuts.

This gives me exactly what I was after, a web kiosk. The problem is that firefox starts before the ethernet connection is established. This means the web page I want to display full screen when the machine is switched on doesn't appear, and I have to wait around 5 seconds and refresh.

Can anybody tell me how I can resolve this? What I would like is to be able to boot into a blank screen (no firefox, maybe just the wallpaper), ping the website in the background and on response then load firefox.

Another, easier way, would be to delay firefox by 5 seconds after boot?

Any help on this would be great.


smoker 06-17-2010 10:45 PM

Why not make the default page a local page ?
This could then contain links to other online pages. Or could even have a refresh in the header to your desired online page.

You could even have an animation on the local page saying "waiting for connection ..."

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