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case1984 10-09-2004 02:22 PM

Firefox logs user out? Where are error logs?
About a week ago, my fedora core 1 machine basically kept dying on me. I figured that problem out - it was a bad 512 mb memory stick, so now I'm running with 384 mb of memory. It's no longer doing what it was - kernel panic when restarted, and crashing and going to the bios boot splash screen and locking up at random times. I'm letting you know that in case it's related to a new problem. These two problems seem similar, and I think it's unlikely they are not related.

Now it's just logging my user out... going back to the login screen. But it only logs me out if I am actively using firefox. Aside from logging me out, firefox crashes alot at wierd times. I can use the terminal, apt-get, synaptic, etc with no crashes. Is it even possible for a program like firefox to log the user out? I've looked at bugzilla and googled, but I can't find anything.

These are my options:
Upgrade to Fedora core 2 (either upgrade or complete reinstall),
remove firefox and reinstall,
or start thinking about possible hardware changes (like motherboard or memory).

I'm planning on removing and reinstalling firefox anyway, but before I do, does anyone have any suggestions for improving a bug report if I file one? Where would firefox error logs be? Where would linux error logs (related to this problem) be? Where else could I go to find more information?

Thanks in advance,

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