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samengr 01-25-2008 05:51 AM

filezilla setting and lftp:mirror help
I needed to take copy of all data from Windows 2003 server to RHEL4. I had 2-3 options (rsync, samba and ftp server). I installed Filezilla server on Windws 2003 server.
It seems to be really a good one. I have shifted the almost 80G data from Windows 2003 server to RHEL4 by using lftp as a client. lftp is really a good ftp client that gives the mirror option, i mean mirroring from source to destination in short time.

I did some changes in filezilla setting like.
Deneral Setting:
Max. number of users : 0
Number of thread: 2
Connection timeout: 0
No transfer timeout: 0
login timeout: 0

well, i did what i wanted to do but now i want to make Filezilla secure. I mean only my pc (client) can access to filezilla over the LAN. how can it be possible? I can see the IP Filter option but i am unable to understand it. Cansome body help me that i want to restrict only one IP (e.g. can access the Filezilla and rest of IPs over the network should be blocked.

second question, If any body now about the lftp and have used the mirror command then can body help to understand this command

lftp -u username,password -e "mirror --only-newer --verbose path/to/source_directory path/to/target_directory" ftpsite

I think it should work like this ... only new files from (last command/coppies) the source should be copied to destination. is it so ? because i need to run this command daily and i only want to copy the newly created files of the day. you know otherwise it become so heavy to copy all the data of (80-85GB) daily.

can any body help me ?

An earlier response will highly be appreciated.

Many thanks


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