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Ehuwiko 10-24-2003 01:39 PM

Files from Windows Install to Linux Install
I currently have Linux installed on a 13gb hard drive. I've had such sucess, I realize I'm probably never going to run Windoze again. However, I have about 18gb of stuff(TV Captures, DVD Backups, Pictures, etc.) that I'd like to hold onto. The drive windoze is currently on is 80gb, and has about 25gb free space. What I'd like to do, is use partiton magic to shrink the windows partition, and use the space to create a Linux partition to copy all the stuff to. Once that's done, I'd delete the existing fat32 partition and use the space to install Linux. I plan to go about this by using Partition Magic to shrink the Fat32 partition, then booting bak into linux and creating the Linux partition, copying the files, and finally, deleting the fat32 partiton and installing Linux. That being said, here are my questions:
1) Will it work?
2) Should the partion for backing up files be logical or primary, and should it be at the end of the disk or at the start?
3) Could the linux partition created for backing up files and the partiton created during install be merged without loosing any files?(Not that big of a deal, just wondering)

viniosity 10-24-2003 02:29 PM

I see you're a Debian user, but I've got an easy suggestion for you: get a mandrake 9.1 iso -> it will resize the partition for you. That being said, here are some other answers:

1) it should
2) doesn't matter -> the closer things are to the beginning of the drive the faster the access will be.

you should also consider this handy utility for copying things to an ext2 or ext3 filesystem from windows:

lastly, if you have 2 boxes (sounds like you have 1 system with a 13GB drive and another with a 80GB drive) consider using a client like Fugu to scp your files from one computer to the other. Windows also has a decent app called Putty which may work.

Ehuwiko 10-24-2003 02:57 PM

No, the HDDs are in the same computer. I sucesfully resized the partition(no files lost), I'm going to try making an Ext2 filesystem in the now free space. Well, I'll post how it goes later, I'm off to do some copying and installing.

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