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salehj 11-25-2001 09:17 PM

Fibre Channel install
Hi there,
I'm looking for pointers on installing Qlogic 2200F66 fibre channel HBA...I have the HBA installed, but i can only see
2 of the 4 LUNs on the disk array.

I've changed the lilo config for max LUNs to be higher that 1. During boot up I see
the LUNs and all of the disk being recongized....but I can only "see" 2 LUNs once teh OS is up

OS -- Redhat 7.0
Machine -- Dual 800MHz Pentium Pro 3
QL2200F66 HBA --> STK 9176 Diskarray
w/ 4 (200GB RAID 5

Adapter 2499UW SCSI HBA with 4 DLT7000 Tape drives

John S

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