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Linux.tar.gz 08-28-2009 05:17 AM

Feedback needed about Linux + virtual machine authentication, user's $HOME
Hi !

Here's the case :

My Slackware machines boot, then a XP vmware is used by users (!).

They have to authenticate.

Until today, the XP were in a domain, so they type their login/passwords at XP login manager. So the Linux network has unrestricted access.

But now, the authentication must be in Linux, because :
1- the network access must be authentified in Linux and XP
2- entering machines in the domain is useless now
3- users must access their networked $HOME (it can also be a simple folder in a local $HOME) in both systems

I actually see two solutions :
1- VPN login
2- PAM

For the $HOME, i though about the NFS/CIFS mount under Linux, then another CIFS/SMB from the Linux to the virtual machine. It's dirty, but i have no other idea for now.
Maybe PAM can inform the XP/vmware about this, and avoid this trick ?
In the worst case, the user will have to authenticate a second time under XP network file manager, but i really prefer avoid this.

I certainly missed solutions, that's why i ask around.

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