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coolingtower 01-23-2005 04:43 AM

FC3 rescue disc won't mount "Linux LVM" partition anymore.
I had RH9 on a large IDE drive and had played with FC2 on a smaller SCSI drive. I decided to try FC3, so I made a clean install of FC3 on the SCSI. I decided I liked FC3 and wanted to put it on the larger IDE drive, etc.

I backed up my important files by copying them from the IDE to the SCSI with both drives connected at the same time, booting from the FC3 disc using "linux rescue". No problem, although the rescue disc said it couldn't find any installations of linux---anywhere.

Now, I have totally reinstalled the IDE drive with FC3 (carefully unplugging the SCSI while I installed.) I want to copy my files back from the SCSI and it won't mount from the resue disc.

I did:
cd mnt
mkdir sysimage
mkdir oldme
mount /dev/hda2 sysimage
mount /dev/sda2 oldme
The last mount command gives "Invalid argument" or perhaps "Invalid parameter"

I checked the partition tables with fdisk and everything looks fine. I've never heard of "LVM". Is that different than EXT2?? "mount -tlvm ....." didn't work, either.

Thank you!!

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