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Santorres 12-12-2003 12:19 AM

FAT32 & NTFS..... --> w2k & RH8

I've already posted a related thread, but I still have some doubts. please ...

I have installed w2k under FAT32 FileSystem wishing to have read/write access with my linux distro. But now, i have some new doubts. I have 2 more PCs at home with XP and w2k both formatted under ntfs.

Would I be able to share files among them all? Do you think i should convert it to NTFS and keep just reading (NTFS) partition files under linux?

If isn't necessary, and I just keep FAT32 , how can i mount the FAT partition under RH 8 and viceverza. ? Is it necessary to use Explore2fs to see linux files under w2k if keep fat32? (i used to do it (just reading) before installling w2k (fat).

If i keep Fat32 and i want to copy a file (from an NTFS pc) to a FAT one, is there a way i can convert it? and and revert the process?

Details: I would like to have read/write access between my RH8 distro and w2k for just some special kind of files and not them all. (ex. music, coding scripts (php, etc)). Can i create a new partition for this purpose?


w2k OS (NTFS) --> system files and only w2k apps (?? Gb)
RH8 OS (ext3) (?? Gb)
RH8 Swap (? mb)
other (??? Filesystem (which one (ntfs,fat,ext2,3,etc)) --> read/write between w2k & RH. {music, php scripts, images) (?? Gb)

I have a 40 GB, 1.2 Ghz celeron.

Can you recommend me a way to do it? Please help me ! How much space should i assign to each one in order to have a good performance., how should i format them? etc...

Sorry for asking too much, but i'd really appreciate your help and patience, i'm new at all this.


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BrianNJ 12-12-2003 08:13 AM

personally, i think it's easiest to use a fat32 partition for multi-os compatibility (that's what i do)

i would keep your main window's xp/2k partitions as they are (or if creating them, make them ntfs).

my suggestion:

w2k OS (NTFS) (8 Gb)
RH8 OS (reiserfs) (8 Gb)
RH8 Swap (512 mb)
multi-os partition ( rest of the space )

.... and if you want to get fancy, you can have two multi-os partitions (one for media/music and another for scripts/programming)

it's a good idea to keep your window's kernel on an island and segregated.

and... the how? redhat should be able to do all of that when you install it.

Santorres 12-12-2003 09:05 AM

thanks bryan..

iĺl tell you my story. I used to have RH8 (10 gb) and w2k (NTFS-->30 gb) and they were working fine before a virus attacked w2k one. Anyway i was too disorganized, so i wanted to take advantage of it and reorganize it well. Meant, create a swap space and different partitions to get a better performance. After some posts i decided copying the most important media and docs to my linux partition in order to format the w2k and reinstall it.

I would like to know how can it make them all (partitions). You told Red hat would do it for me, but i wont install Rh but w2k and off course i do not want to lose any files..

I have already installed w2k in the partition left (FAT32 --30 Gb), but i want to reinstall it completely the way you recommend me above. Anyway. how can i see my linux partition from it. How can i copy the docs ad files i wanted to keep?

please help me.. and sorry.

pd: again too much questions.....


BrianNJ 12-12-2003 09:44 AM

are the documents you want to keep already on the win2k partition? burn those documents to a disk just in case. red hat can resize partitions on install...

you can resize your 30 gb partiton into two partitions (one that will stay your windows parition & one that will become your multi-os partition)

disk druid should also recognize previous linux partitions, and suggest the use of them again (your old swap and root paritions should still be there).

that install doc has pretty good instructions... good luck!

Santorres 12-16-2003 07:29 AM

XP screwed up my boot manager....
No.. I just copied them in the linux one in order to transfer them later. I try reinstalling w2k but it was useless. lots of problems so i tried lots, formating and reinstalling it but it did work well. I finally decide installing XP.

I have my sister's 40 gb hard disk installed in my pc cause the virus also fucked hers. SO i just copy the most important docs, including hers and mine into the linux distro. She used to use XP since the beggining so i installed it and the XP create a boot manager between my w2k (my hard disk --> hda1) and XP (hers-->hdc1). But as i said before, my w2k(hda1) was not working well, so i finally decided to install XP too but now i have no option to choose which one to boot at. either my linux one. What should i do ? How to create a boot manager..

please help me....


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