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cerealdaemon 07-12-2005 04:04 PM

External Harddrive
Ok, so I'm looking for some general information on external hard drives with Linux. Right now, I'm looking to purchase a 100 gig or so xHD and I wanted to ask people here what they have had successes and failures with. Also, how does the filesystem for that work, can I have an external ext2 or will it have to be an NTFS or fat32, how would that work for a volume that size.

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

ctkroeker 07-12-2005 04:09 PM

Just make a /boot partition (ext2) a /root (ReiserFS) and maybe a Fat32 partition to share file with windows.

cerealdaemon 07-12-2005 04:16 PM

I'm not really worried about sharing stuff with windows, mostly just having it as an external backup for all my movies and music. I have an all linux shop so windows computers probably won't be accessing the xHD

ctkroeker 07-12-2005 04:29 PM

Ok. I have the following partition sheme on a 80GB hdd.

hda1 /boot 50MB
hda2 /root 7GB (depends on what disro you are using)
hda3 /media 58GB (for movies and music and stuff)
unpartitioned 15GB (or dual boot later or whatever, not really required)

hope that helps.

If you do not want to install an OS on the drive and just use it for linux PC's, than partition it with ReiserFS.

cerealdaemon 07-12-2005 08:33 PM

sweet thanks a bunch, RieserFS it is then

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