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fhbooker 04-13-2002 06:55 PM

Excuse a Complete Novice??
Can anyone please help?
I have just purchased Mandrake 8.1 (3 CD's) and would like to install it alongside Win2K, but I have been told that Win2K doesn't like the Linux bootloader. Is this true and if so how can I get around it.

Can you also help me with installation of modem drivers? I think that I have found some generic drivers but I'm unsure how to install. The disks have KDE and Gnome interfaces and I would prefer the KDE.

Don't know how bad I sound but I am just starting to learn this OS.

Please please help!!!!:confused:

Aussie 04-13-2002 07:28 PM

Mandrake and win2k will live side by side with no problems, and mandrake will detect and set up the boot loader with both OS's. Do the install in "expert" mode, it's not thay hard and if you've ever done a win2k install you'll have no problems with it. Read all the notes during each section and take your time. If you don't want linux to take care of booting then there are instructions on using the NT bootloader to boot linux here..
For your modem, we'll need more info - mainly what brand/chipset and is it external (good) or internal (not good).

fhbooker 04-14-2002 03:48 AM

Modem Answer
As you put it, it's not good! But I have found a generic driver.
The modem is an MRI-1456PCI-R and driver that I have found is an:
All the files seem to be there, but being a long time MS user I'm not sure how to install.
Is this enough info for you to give me some help:confused:

Aussie 04-14-2002 05:09 AM

If you can post a link to where you downloaded the modem driver I'll take a look at it.

fhbooker 04-14-2002 12:24 PM


There are a few drivers here but I think the only one that will work will be the generic??:confused:

Aussie 04-14-2002 07:36 PM

I've downloaded hcflinmodem- and extracted it, you'll need to have your kernel source and headers installed in order to build this driver, once you've verified that do the following, (from the included install file),

1. extract the package with "tar -xzf hcflinmodem-<version>.tar.gz"

2. change to the package directory with "cd hcflinmodem-<version>"

3. run "make install" from the top of the package directory.

4. run "hcfconfig" to complete the installation and configure your modem.

Check the readme and faq in the hcflinmodem-<version> directory and make sure you have the correct driver for your modem (hcf or hsf).

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