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aw76 02-09-2010 07:37 AM

evolution not showing all new messages

Amongst many other annoyances and problems with my setup, the most major one is as follows:

I use evolution on my home computer to manage my email...when i was at my friends house today, i logged in to my mail via godaddys webmail service....after checking my mail and returning home, i notices that some of my new messages that i viewed on the webmail were showing as they should (unread) in evolution...

however, a few of the messages were completely absent...i then returned to my account through webmail and sifted through all the emails that were in my inbox(all unread as I havent used the service much as i have always had my computer with me)...i noticed more than a few messages that were there that i didnt receive in my evolution inbox....

is that a problem with my email provider through godaddy, or a problem with evolution?

evolution often locks up on me and crashes, so i am thinking it might be something to do with it....thinking about switching to thunderbird and hoping for better results, but i am so used to evolution now...argh

any advice, suggestions?


TheIndependentAquarius 02-09-2010 11:32 PM

You can try posting this problem to Evolution mailing list:

People there are experienced in Evolution and are more likely to respond!

But before you post it there make sure your mail contains all those problems described in points not in long paragraphs.

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