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flex411 05-10-2001 01:21 PM

Hello, im reading a howto and it says to edit this file, and searching the net cant find much on it, im assuming it has to do with the path and adding a path for the program im installing? any help would be great, also I would appreciate some links that talk about files in depth like this.

trickykid 05-10-2001 02:24 PM

What Howto are you reading from?

flex411 05-10-2001 02:38 PM

how to
its just a nebiezed help file from on how to compile and install stuff, its real generic, but they say to add comments in that file to add a path? why?

trickykid 05-10-2001 02:42 PM

What are they asking you to add to the file. I am not at a Linux machine right now so I can't remember exactly that file does. Sounds to me like a type of profile type for a particular user on the machine or something like that.

flex411 05-10-2001 02:46 PM

ok i phrased it wrong, what it said was you have to edit the file if you do a ./configure --prefix heres the exact words.

More stuff will fly off your screen. You should be used to this by now. When everything stops, your software has been installed. Since we used the --prefix=/tmp/test/foo option in configure, all our software has been installed in /tmp/test/foo. Check it to be sure. Be sure to keep your Makefile with you. You will need it later on. If you used the --prefix=path option, you will need to modify your /etc/profile file and add the software's path to your PATH variable. Just add the following line right at the bottom of /etc/profile:

export PATH

Next we have to update your /etc/profile, and this is done with the source command:

source /etc/profile

With that done, your program should now be ready to run.

trickykid 05-10-2001 03:12 PM

Simply sounds like they, whoever created the program created it with the changes to the /etc/profile and probably needs it there to run properly. Everyone who creates programs with Linux always has a different way of installing and making it work in many different ways.

flex411 05-10-2001 03:42 PM

thanx again
thanx again , you always answer my questions real fast. :)

webtoe 05-11-2001 12:50 PM

.profile is usually in your home directory

it contains user specific information when you login.

the one in etc is the one that will affect all users on the system


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