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Anjo 11-07-2002 01:30 PM

Error using eroaster
I am having troubles burning with a newly installed eroaster 2.1.0. I checked the permission on /dev/sg and /dev/sg0 and the file to which both of those point (/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target2/lun0/generic) is crw-rw-rw-. Any ideas why I'm still getting errors? Looks a little something like this:

An error occurred while decoding "BLAH"
Playing MPEG stream from "BLAH"

acid_kewpie 11-07-2002 01:47 PM

well that doesn't look like it has anything at all to do with the device itself. probably an error from a program eroaster is shelling out to to convert whatever it is you are doing... and you've not told us what that is...

Anjo 11-07-2002 05:23 PM

BLAH was just inserted to prevent typing the long filename of the mp3

For example,

An error occured while decoding "/mnt/windows/My Music/Temporary/(pink_floyd)-dark_side_o_the_moon-01-speak_to_me_(breate).mp3"

Playing MPEG stream from SAMEASABOVE.mpg ...

acid_kewpie 11-07-2002 05:40 PM

well that's pretty obvious... you still haven't said what you're actaully doing though.

Anjo 11-07-2002 07:51 PM

I'm trying to burn an audio cd with eroaster. I got the above error after adding mp3s to the list of files to burn, and attempting to do so under normal user priveliges. At one point, when logged in as root from a shell prompt, for some reason it still seemed to think I was a normal user, but eroaster proceeded further in the process (which is why I was originally posting about the permissions on /dev/sg and /dev/sg0) and converted the mp3s to wav, but then would not complete the process giving the output below...

cdrecord: Drive does not support SAO recording
cdrecord: Try -raw option
cdrecord: Illegal write mode for this drive

I'm not sure what to do about this output as I have not found any options about SAO recording (there is one for DAO although) and I have no idea how I would use the -raw option

Anjo 11-07-2002 07:51 PM

Similar results occurred when trying to create a data cd with the already created wav files

Dizzybacon 11-08-2002 04:54 AM

I'm having the same problem. I can use eroaster to burn data CD's but this happen when trying to burn audios from mp3.

I select the files and hit burn and I get the same message

"mnt/windows/My Music/Temporary/(pink_floyd)-dark_side_o_the_moon-01-speak_to_me_(breate).mp3"

"Playing MPEG stream from /mnt/windows/My Music/Temporary/(pink_floyd)-dark_side_o_the_moon-01-speak_to_me_(breate).mp3"

But it doesn't play anything! If I play the same file through XMMS it works. I'm sure it isn't a corrupt mp3 as I've tried it with mp3s that I have ripped. I'm sure it isn't permissions as I can burn data CDs.

Freshmeat shows LAME as a recommended under dependencies, I don't have LAME installed could this be the problem?


Dizzybacon 11-08-2002 05:26 AM

I should have experimented a bit more before that last post, but I was thinking it through as I was writing.

The problem IS lack of lame!

Either install lame, or as I already had notlame installed I created a symlink to notlame.

I'm currently trying to burn the CD and so far so good.


acid_kewpie 11-08-2002 05:31 AM

anjo, that is presumably a problem with your choice of burner. You might want to consider contacting the author and asking him about it, as it's going to be using standard options for cdrecord which will not work with your drive.

dizzy... please do not tag questions on to others in future, it gets confusing. either way, how did you install eroaster without one of the dependencies? either way, you should normally *need* lame, i think it's only used to convert mp3 to wav IF you choose to do it that way. normally it uses a combination of Sox and mpg123 so make sute they work. and are you running this from a terminal or just a silly little icon on a desktop? If it hangs you're probably missing out on a lot of information that would be present in a terminal.

Dizzybacon 11-08-2002 05:55 AM

"dizzy... please do not tag questions on to others in future"
My problem was the same as the problem which started this thread, I hoped to help by providing more information, and I believe that I have!

"how did you install eroaster without one of the dependencies?"
Lame is not required but it is recommended.


If Eroaster will convert mp3s to wav for recording to cd as root but not as user then maybe lame is not in your users path or you don't have the right permissions for lame. This probably won't make any difference though as the cd writer doesn't support the right format.

I've got the same problem as you again Eroaser tells me to use -raw but I can't find an option to do that. Back to the command line and a little perl scripting I guess.


Anjo 11-08-2002 08:45 AM

Script started on Fri Nov 8 09:37:35 2002
[anjo@UDRH ~/tmp]$ eroaster

08.11.2002 09:37:42.055 INFO main [Main] ECLiPt Roaster Version 2.1.0 starting up
08.11.2002 09:37:42.072 WARNING main [Main] You are anjo - you may want to be root
08.11.2002 09:37:42.073 INFO main [Main] Checking for required programs
08.11.2002 09:37:42.075 INFO main [Main] Checking for additional programs
08.11.2002 09:37:42.077 WARNING main [Main] Couldn't find freeamp
08.11.2002 09:37:42.079 WARNING main [Main] Couldn't find normalize
08.11.2002 09:37:42.081 WARNING main [Main] Couldn't find lame
08.11.2002 09:37:42.083 WARNING main [Main] Couldn't find bchunk
08.11.2002 09:37:42.483 ERROR gnomeoptionmenu [activate_item] Item None doesn't exist.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/", line 130, in __call__
ret = apply(self.func, a)
File "/usr/lib/eroaster/", line 665, in BurnWriterOptions
File "/usr/lib/eroaster/", line 803, in BurnCDNow
cdrecord = cdrtools.cdrecord(channel, id, lun, self.devWriter.get_text())
File "/usr/lib/eroaster/", line 94, in __init__
File "/usr/lib/eroaster/", line 232, in __cdrecord_read_version
self.__cdrecord_version_major = atoi(version[0])
File "/usr/lib/python2.2/", line 217, in atoi
return _int(s, base)
ValueError: invalid literal for int(): line
[anjo@UDRH ~/tmp]$ exit

Script done on Fri Nov 8 09:39:24 2002

Thats the output from the command line. I apparentlye am lacking lame, but there is no problem with it converting mp3s to wav. It also looks like there's a problem with the Python code or something

jetblackz 11-08-2002 10:03 AM

If you guys want to try a text-only alternative to eroaster, let me know.

acid_kewpie 11-08-2002 05:44 PM

i think that's probably an error from the version of cdrecord you have installed... you do have it installed i take it...? that error pops up when it is trying to work out the version you have, run "cdrecord -version", and see if it matches enough to mine:


Cdrecord 1.11a32 (i586-mandrake-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2002 Jörg Schilling

Anjo 11-09-2002 11:57 AM

I get permission denied when I try cdrecord -version as a user, as root it displayed the same version number as what you showed

acid_kewpie 11-09-2002 12:12 PM

(in the style of loyd grossman.. sorry a british joke...)

so let's look at the evidence...

the eroaster error message: You are anjo - you may want to be root.

the cdrecord error message as anjo: permission denied.

run it as root. and always read error messages when they are there.

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