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TravisB 05-22-2002 02:31 PM

I can not get enlightenment to start. Today I downloaded blackbox, fluxbox, and e. I edited my .xinitrc file so I can switch between gnome, kde, bb, and fb. This is my currnet .xinitrc file.

exec fluxbox
#exec startkde
#exec gnome-session
#exec blackbox
#exec /usr/local/enlightenment/bin/e_gen_gnome_menu
#exec enlightenment

I can not figure out where to point it so e will start. Using RH73. Suggestions?

DavidPhillips 05-22-2002 02:40 PM

search and see if you have an executable in your path by that name

TravisB 05-22-2002 02:42 PM

<stupid question> how do i do that </stupid question>

DavidPhillips 05-22-2002 02:52 PM

I use this command...


to search for files. You will need to run this first to update the database.


then run this command...

locate enlightenment

if it returns the path and filename then use the path and filename to see if it's executable.

ls -l /path/enlightenment

pielud 05-22-2002 02:52 PM


whereis enlightenment

trickykid 05-22-2002 02:55 PM

can't you just # the exec fluxbox and uncomment out the exec enlightment..
would look like this:

#exec fluxbox
#exec startkde
#exec gnome-session
#exec blackbox
#exec /usr/local/enlightenment/bin/e_gen_gnome_menu
exec enlightenment

TravisB 05-22-2002 03:03 PM

reply to trickykid: yes i could, but that does not work
I tried both of these lines individually with no success:
exec /usr/local/enlightenment/bin/e_gen_gnome_menu
exec enlightenment

I will look for it in my path when i get home, thanks for your help

TravisB 05-23-2002 05:09 AM

when i do the command: whereis enlightenment
I get: enlightenment: /usr/local/enlightenment
I changed my .xinitrc to look here and startx but get an error because /usr/local/enlightenment is a directory and not executable
locate elightenment did not show me anything that looked promising

DavidPhillips 05-23-2002 08:52 AM

I'm not sure, I don't use it, but isn't the script to start enlightenment en or something?

look around in


neo77777 05-23-2002 10:56 AM

rpm -qs enlightenment > out.txt
then view the out.txt
it contains location of all enlightenment files.

TravisB 05-23-2002 11:37 AM

Ok, we got it working. First of all, I did not install it by rpm. I decided to download and try installing it again, this time by rpm.
So i rpm -qs enlightenment > out.txt and saw /usr/bin/enlightenment . I modified my .xinitrc and it works fine. Thanks.

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