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tysonmax20042003 03-12-2009 10:25 PM

Emulators for windows Games/apps Plz!!!
Hi, I am trying to get some of my PC games to work with Linux. I tried wine, Cedega, Crossover, and Playonlinux. Can anyone help Some games include. Command & Conquer: 3, Command & Conquer: 2 (and expansion pack Yuri's Revenge), Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Renegade, Command & Conquer: Emperor: Battle for the dune. Etc... Most Command & Conquer but may others I want them up first but many different errors like Command & Conquer: 2 is works fine but in any game play after 25 seconds you explode and game over every time all games work in windows. Command & Comquer: 3 will not open in any emulators screen opens then closes. Plz help Thanks in advance. Prefer Open Source to support the community.

H_TeXMeX_H 03-13-2009 06:17 AM

I would recommend wine, check the appdb and read through the howto for each game, it tells you how to do everything and what might go wrong / troubleshooting, for example:
Make sure to use a wine version that is rated at least gold if you want it to work without problems.

David the H. 03-13-2009 07:23 AM

AFAIK, wine and its spinoffs are pretty much it at this time. They are the only things that can handle most modern games, because no other current solution provides the direct hardware rendering needed for modern graphics. You might be able to get some older games to run decently inside of a virtual machine installation of Windows, but not at anything like full speed. I don't believe there are any VMs that support direct rendering at this time.

Of course, really old dos-based games should be playable under the dosbox or dosemu emulators.

So I echo TexMex's post. Don't give up on wine yet. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to get a program to run well under it. I'd add also that you have to watch the supported version info carefully. Regressions happen sometimes, and a game that works with one version may be broken in the next. If appdb says it's supported, but you can't get it to run, try stepping back a version or two.

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