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n8oay 10-04-2009 07:01 PM

Dual Boot Linux On A Mac Mini
I am planning to dual boot Linux on a Mac Mini. This Mac should work OK with any current Linux OS since it is an Intel CPU. I need to know whether or not Mac's Boot Camp Boot Loader will work with Linux. I know it works with Windows. I could easily switch back to the older PC that I used, but I rally like this computer, but not OS X. And it uses only 190 watts compared to the 500+ watts that the PC uses.

I am thinking both "green" and personal preference here. I have a major project going that needs the Mac iLife programs. Once that is done, I want to go back to using Linux as my primary OS. I've been using the Mac for a couple months and really miss Linux. Switching from Linux to Mac is not an easy change to make - to me it seems like a major step backwards in usability. Compared to Linux and (choke) Windows, the Mac is not in my opinion anywhere close to being user friendly.

I know that I will have to use something else like Acronis Disk Director or whatever to do the partition resizing. The Linux partition apps to the best of my knowledge don't have the ability to work with the HFS+ Mac partition and file system.

Thank you!

ronlau9 10-05-2009 05:01 AM

My suggestion search the Macforums how to do a dual boot with linux.
There seem to be good ways to do so.
As I am not interested to do so , I can not remember how to do it.
I am just as happy with my linux box as I am happy with my Mac box.
Two different computers with I keep totally separate , for doing different

n8oay 10-08-2009 01:25 AM

I just found this...For anyone interested, here is a step by step guide for installing Linux on a Mac:

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