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SKUTR14 08-31-2008 05:14 PM

Dual boot
My friend helped me get Fedora up and running and told me that to play some games I may need to "dual boot" but to try it without that before. Well, I tried it and he told me that here would be a good place to see if someone could give me instructions as to how to set my computer up so I can dual-boot Windows or perhaps boot Windows within Fedora so that I can play games such as WoW. I have another thread trying to get my Wine+Gecko fixed, but I'm posting this so that I have answers if that doesn't work. Help would be appreciated, thank you.

pixellany 08-31-2008 05:53 PM

Some games will run on WINE---or Crossover (the commercial version) You can get a trial version free at Codeweavers' website.

No time for more at the moment---look at the "booting link" below for an intro to dual-boot.

Techmeology 08-31-2008 06:21 PM

Brief instructions for duel booting - generic version:
  1. Backup data incase something goes wrong
  2. Partition hard drive. Remember: you will do best with a / partition, a /home partition and a swap partition. The sizes you choose will depend on your machine and how much you need to use Windows. Try Googling, or providing more detail.
  3. Break out the installation CDs
Brief instructions for duel booting - Ubuntu version:
In addition to the above, Ubuntu can be installed using a piece of software called Wubi. This allows it to be installed without partitioning your hard drive.
  1. Download Wubi from
  2. Run the program
  3. Select how much space you wish to reserve for Ubuntu
  4. Allow it to download the appropriate ISO, and install
More information about Wubi can be found at: and

Brief instructions for running Windows within Linux:
  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the online form, and download the software
  3. Visit and make a suitable virtual machine (note, the virtual disks are expandable - meaning a 100 GB virtual hard drive will not consume the full 100 GB until full).
  4. Play your blank virtual machine "appliance", and install Windows
Hope this helps:)

John VV 08-31-2008 08:41 PM

the best way to boot win and fedora is to buy a second hard drive rather than shrinking a working fedora( most likely setup on the default LVM)

install the new drive as the FIRST drive .Unplug OR be VERY,VERY careful with the windows install ( by DEFAULT it will reformat your linux drive to windows )
" We are Microsoft resistance is futile , your own...will be add to ...".
There is , on xp sp2, a check box you need to UNCHECK it so windows will only install on the first drive .
then you need to decide how to dual boot
1) use grub to boot both
2) use the windows boot loader to boot win and fedora
in this situation 2 is the easiest
see: " HOWTO Dual Boot Fedora & Windows With NTLoader "

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