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karunesh 05-11-2004 12:03 AM


I have configured 'Dspam' ver 3.0.0 beta with MySQL driver and work with pop3 server using 'pop3filter' proxy filter server.Now everything is installed and configured.CGI interface is also working nice.

So config seems to be OK.but now I have some problems.

Whenever I am trying to run command "dspam_stats [username]', it's giving me an msg without any output.

# dspam_stats testuser
Could not init context: Success

I am not able to figure it out what is this all about.Can someone help me ?.

karunesh 05-17-2004 11:00 PM

I got the solution, actually dspam was not able to make the connection with MySQL, so I granted all permission to dspam database for dspam user.

mysql> grant all on dspamdb.* to dspam@localhost identified by 'dspam';

And it started rolling.

But now I have one major issue, and I already spent 1 week on that but no success :(. My DSPAM is doing it's work but the problem is that I can't download the mails using my mail client(Outlook Express 6.0), it stops while receiving mails.

I am using DSPAM ver 3.0.0 beta 2 with MySQL 4.0 and pop3filter pop3 proxy.

In DSPAM debug logs, it shows everything perfact, no error.But still most of the time I can not download the mail form my pop3 proxy.Same time if I downlaod the mails directly from my primary pop3 server, it works nice.

Any Clue...??

stoffell 07-27-2004 10:44 AM

pop3 proxy

I had some problems using that pop3 proxy also.
I tried p3scan, and that worked better for me... (you have also the anti-virus scanning as an option there..)

Good luck, and keep the group posted on this..


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