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noodle123 04-22-2002 04:38 PM

I've posted this in programming but i guess it may not belong there. Not sure where it goes so perhaps general?

Dos executable: decomp.exe

I get files uploaded to me on a linux box, but then i have to download it to my dos pc cuz i need to use a dos executable to decompress it. (This is different from the standard linux 'decompress/compress').

Now my question is how to i set this up so i can use DOSEMU/DOSEXEC to run this dos executable thru a linux box.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Kewpie: No the file can't be unzipped/uncompressed (linux) / unrar/untar'd because the file is compressed through a special compression program which requires an encryption key. That is why the file HAS to be uncompressed through this DOS release of "kompress". No linux version is out yet and that's why i need some way of making this into a dexe file and running it in DOSEMU with dosexec.

Any help would be appreciated.

l_9_l 04-22-2002 05:29 PM

Try out wine may can run that program!

BTW:why don't you mount the window's(fats)partitions under Linux and copy those files to them? if you are talking about two boxes--connected togetter..then run the ftp server under Linux and download them to your window's box.

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