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iali 02-22-2006 08:26 AM

Dont want Sub Window on taskbar in Icewm
Hi Every one.
I have written a small application using gtk2.0. Also i have prepared a
bootable live cd so that when i boot from the cd my application runs.
For this purpose i have used kernel 2.6.14 statically compiled (Not in modules) and
isolinux.bin as a bootloader.
Also i icewm window manager too for the X support

When the gtk application runs, every thing works fine but there is a problem that the sub window or child widows of my application are also shown in the taskbar. When i test my application in my suse linux distribution then every thing works fine, Only the parent window or main window is shown in task bar. Other dialog windows associated with my application are not shown in task bar.
But when i boot from cd and my application runs then every sub window appears as a separate window in the taskbar. I want that only the base window appears in the task bar not every sub window. Any suggestions from your side. It will be helpful for me.
I have checked all the preferences of icewm and winoptions but not getting the right path...

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