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Bill Melater 04-20-2013 11:36 AM

DLNA Genre and Playlist Help Needed
Since I have purchased a new Denon AVR-2313CI, I am setting up a DLNA server for it. Mainly music for now as the Denon doesn't do DLNA for vids. Later I will do some vid DLNA, but for use by my networked blu-ray.

I am wanting to use my Netgear WNDR3700 network access router with an old external USB WD 250GB Scorpio disk for the media server. I have an old Pioneer 301 disk cdrom carousel full of cds and am in the process of ripping them all into mp3 files via K3b and Lame and then storing the albums up on the readyDLNA service of the WNDR3700.

It works very well, so far, in that the Denon sees the albums and can play the songs. The WNDR has the following categories setup for music that the Denon sees:

All Music

My folder structure under music is:

<album name>
<1st song>.mp3
<2nd song>.mp3
<rest of songs on album>.mp3

With this, the DLNA fills in the Album, All Music, Artist, and Folders categories and the Denon can access the mp3s through any of those.

Genre and Playlists are blank, however. I would, of course, like to utilize these categories as my music consists entirely of country and rock. I would like to create populate Country and Rock Genres so that I can select one and simply hit random play.

How do I do I create and specify a genre on the DLNA server?

I tried to set up tags on the device, but could not. I'm not sure if this is even how to do it. But I could not set any tag on a file on the WNDR. I can set a tag on the file on my Linux system, of course, but it does not copy it up onto the WNDR when I copy the file there either. The disk on the WNDR is formatted as NTFS. NTFS should have tag capability, shouldn't it? I'm not sure. The WNDR can use a Linux filesystem according to the documentation, ex2 or ex3. I also would like to know the playlist format. Is it a file, a database, or simply links? I don't know and cannot find anything in the WNDR documentation that tells me.

Any help or pointers to good dlna documentation will be greatly appreciated.

Bill Melater 04-20-2013 11:18 PM

Genre part solved - kinda
After some web research and much experimentation...

DLNA Genre isn't accomplished with the filesystem as I was wrongly thinking. Genre is a built-in "tag" of each mp3 file - I am assuming in its header. The DLNA server simply reads it when you install the file.

It also seems that K3b does not handle this stuff properly or Lame doesn't or something. I set Genre within CDDB settings of each album track before they were ripped, but it kept disappearing. It would retain notes, but not Genre

I found an X tool for Linux called "easyTAG" that allows me to edit the mp3 Genre tags. With it, it is fairly easy to tag a directory (or album) full of mp3 files once you figure out how to.

This worked well and once the file is reinstalled onto the Media server the Genre gets properly processed and recognized by DLNA. So now my Denon can browse and select mp3s by Genre as is my desire. I've only processed about 20 albums so far for Genre and many many more to go. There is still much about Genre tags that I don't understand - different versions and number codes, etc. I set mine to be strings. But at least now I know enough to do what I want to do - I think - LOL.

I would still appreciate any pointers on this and DLNA media server playlists.

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