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Syncrm 01-10-2002 01:37 AM

display properties
i'm somewhat new to linux, and i've had a nagging "problem" for quite some time. i use redhat 7.2 with window maker (on a laptop and desktop) and after 5 minutes of the machine(s) being idle, the display shuts off. i'd like the display the never cut, or at least wait 2 hours and not a minimal 5 minutes.

i've tried my best to find how to configure window maker/linux/apm (wherever the config lies) and i can't seem to find the answer. any help would be much appreciated! :-)

d3funct 01-10-2002 12:50 PM

If there is no specific file in your window maker menu for settings or configuration etc.. you might try looking at the screensaver setup. I've found that many times you can edit APM definitions from there.

Syncrm 01-11-2002 04:39 AM

blarg. in that case how do i get to the screensaver properties in window maker? can't seem to find them anywhere...

bluecadet 01-11-2002 04:56 AM

assuming it xscreensaver.. xscreensaver-demo

but i don't think it IS the screensaver, as i think that just overrides the thing that you want to track down.... by BB monitor shuuts of after 5, without Xscreensaver. i think it's might be part of apm

d3funct 01-11-2002 11:24 AM

Take a look at the manpage for "apmsleep" command. I've never used it, but you may be able to at least use it for trouble shooting the issue.

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