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hank@$3800 12-31-2001 08:24 AM

Disk Partitioning
I am currently running Mandrake Linux 8.1, but want to try a version of Slackware (7.1, an
older version, but just trying it out). How do
I use the provided (fips, or whatever) to resize
the partition? Would it be better to do it from
Mandrake, or use fips from Slackware? I would appreciate help from someone who has done this
or knows how.


sancho5 12-31-2001 08:53 AM

seems to me like FIPS is an exe ( i might not remember correctly) if so, something you'd wanna from from a WIN OS. at any rate, there should be some documentation on it's usage; if not, run a google search and you should come up with some info.

bluecadet 12-31-2001 08:54 AM

you should be ok resize it using diskdrake. be aware tho, that if you start messing with ext2/3 partitions then you might risk changing the partition numbers, which could really mess you up.

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