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lostsoul 04-07-2004 04:46 PM

difference between distro produced by group vs. produced by single person
Hey everyone,

I have a question.

I was trying to choose a distro for a server, and I was seriously considering debian or slackware.

I have experince with both, and can work with both. But I was thinking about the future with the distro's.

If someone happens to the creater slackware, will the work go on on the O/S? Debian is not admined by a single person instead by a group, so i'm not sure if debian will have this problem.

I know this is probally the stupidest question, but i'm setting up a server for a company and am just trying to figure out which one is most likely to keep being worked on and updated.

I know both have an auto-updater, but slackware seems to lag behind sometimes.(they say slackware only picks the most mature packages, i don't know if thats true or if a single person can't do all the work to keep the distro updated).

my question is, is there any difference if a distro is maintained by a single person? or by a group? In the long run do you think it will effect the distro? or does it have no effect?

Any insight in this matter would help me alot. I'm sure their a flaw with my thinking, maybe someone can explain it a little more.

win32sux 04-07-2004 05:03 PM

so basically you want to know what would happen to slackware if patrick volkerding would die???

i guess someone would pick-up where he was... maybe he's not so much of a "loner" as people make him out to be... he might have a very small, but close group of trusted contributors/friends, one of whom could pick the ball up maybe... i'm not sure... but either way, do to the free nature of the code, and to the excellent reputation slackware has aquired over the years, i'm sure SOMEONE, or SOME COMPANY would continue the project...

the debian philosophy/methodology is great, but slackware does have some advantages...

i guess what i mean is "there's more than one way to do it"...


dushkinup 04-08-2004 01:29 PM

No, I don't think slackware will die. At least as I see it now. Though it is possible if there will be a new OS that's better than Linux. Then the chances are higher.
If Patrick Volkerding will die somone will possibly take over the Slackware project.

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