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lalu 09-13-2001 01:46 AM

DHCP-server. option routers
Need some help with configuring DHCP-server.

I have one machine with a full installation of
RH7.1 (no X) acting as DHCP-server and GW.
Eth0 is external nic and Eth1 internal.
All this works just fine, and the clients are
able to connect to the internet.

Now I would like to add a second GW (redundancy)
so in the dhcpd.conf I added one more router
in "option routers,;"
If I on the clients do "route -n" I only
see the first one as default GW. The second one
is not in the routing table. I have tried both
RH 7.1 and Win ME as clients and they give the
same result, just one default GW in "route -n".

So if I try to ping or surf it works until I
unplug the 1:st GW, and everything is dead.

Maybe I have misunderstood everything, but shouldn't it be possible to have several default
GW, and in that case, what am I doing wrong ??

Thankful for every advice.

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