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glock19 03-18-2002 03:28 PM

Desktop suggestions
Finally compiled and installed XFree86 on my slackware 8.0 system. Now I'm fishing for input on which desktops to install on it.

I'll probably wait for KDE 3.0 stable version to be released. In the meantime, anyone have some suggestions on other ones? (No gnome please!) :)

Mara 03-18-2002 03:33 PM

I personally don't like kde. But now (3rd day) I've got gnome. I was always thinking it's slow and well, not good. But now I see it's quite nice.
There are others I use: Window Maker (I like it's speed) and Enlightenment (looks great, but slower than wm).
Just install everyone you can get and have fun looking at them!

Sixpax 03-18-2002 04:30 PM

Bah! go ahead and install KDE 2.2.X, you can always upgrade to 3.0 later.

KDE > Gnasty

Mara 03-18-2002 04:51 PM

The upgrade is not always easy...

KayJay 03-18-2002 05:14 PM

I should suggest blackbox
it's fast as hell

glock19 03-18-2002 05:46 PM

Does blackbox run on top of XFree86? Or does it depend on an existing desktop environment?

hanzerik 03-18-2002 08:00 PM

Blackbox and Fluxbox(Modified blackbox) both run on top of X. dont need any other windows manager. If you have gnome installed but use blackbox/fluxbox as your desktop, you can still run gnome programs.

So the answer is no.

therion12 03-19-2002 10:21 AM

I highly recommend Fluxbox!

goto Fluxbox website to see what i mean.

acid_kewpie 03-19-2002 10:27 AM

i've gone back against fluxbox a little recently, i've been trying it a bit, since the new version works on multiheaded X servers properly now, and while the tab idea is quite nice, it's such a bloody hassle (well... in my world :D) to bother adding each tab to a frame, easier to not bother, as there's no automatic option to grab a new window, which would make it more worthwhile. i use flux on my server, as that never vchanges, running gtk-gnutella, galeon and a half dozen xterms for ever and ever. but i think blackbox is definitely a better option for a standard workstation, and there are more decent config tools for black over flux.

therion12 03-19-2002 10:58 AM

What i like about fluxbox is that you can pass commands to fluxbox through the init file and allows so much more customization.

jetblackz 03-19-2002 11:51 AM

Why some argue over the look is beyond me. We all run alternative OSes, do we not? It's as stupid and moronic as saying "Windows sucks! Mine rulez."

Click on the www button below my post. I'll walk you through step-by-step setting up KDE 2.2.2 & Liquid if you want.

BTW, I use Guh no me for root and KDE for user.

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