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bluenectar 03-02-2007 10:07 PM

default access permission when we copy files
hi all,
How to make a default access permission for a group when we copy files ?
for example : when I copy files to a certain folder I want the access permission of those files should be read and write, now when I copied to that folder the access permission was only read and I had to do a 'chmod' manually.

Thanks in advance.

SciYro 03-03-2007 03:41 AM

umm, whats the original files permissions?

anyways, use the command "install", it will copy files and set new permissions on the copies.

bluenectar 03-04-2007 10:09 PM

hi SciYro,
the default permission is rw-r--r--, I want the default permission changed to rw-rw-r-- can I just use the command 'install' ? how can I use it ?
many thanks for the reply SciYro..

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