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namdn 07-28-2004 12:30 AM

Decompress .zip files on AIX system
Hi all members,

I have a problem with my AIX 5.1L server. My CD-ROM contains some files written in .zip file (I compressed them by winzip on windows system). Now, I want to decompress them on AIX system, but I have tried many times by using gunzip command, the results were failt.
I have enter some parameters like -f, -d, -S (suffix), but the results were the same.
Please help me to decompress .zip file on AIX system.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

send me:

Best Regards,

druuna 07-28-2004 02:03 AM

You might try unzip or another program. If not installed, take a look here:


DavidPhillips 07-28-2004 03:10 AM

What is the error?

Are you unzipping them in a folder you can write to?

trickykid 07-28-2004 06:43 AM

Please do not post the same thread in more than one forum. Picking the most relevant forum and posting it once there makes it easier for other members to help you and keeps the discussion all in one place.

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