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Tinku 11-24-2005 02:20 AM

Debian testing to stable
I had mistakenly installed debian testing on a system and thereafter installed a number of apps.I want to switch over to debian stable(sarge).Will the editing of the sources.lst file alone do that?Or only a reinstall........I dont want to reinstall as long as there is another way of doing so.I also have data,which I dont want to loose

fouldsy 11-24-2005 03:24 AM

A little out of date, but explains downgrading and I believe there's something within the Debian reference manual. AFAIK, simply changing the sources won't do anything, just leave the current packages alone, and will also mean you won't get security updates as your installed packages will be higher versions than those in stable...

twantrd 11-24-2005 03:29 AM

Oops, someone beat me to it. :)


fouldsy 11-24-2005 04:03 AM

/me sniggers

Guess you thought along the same lines about downgrading. I've never tried it to be honest, but heard it's not a straightforward process. Best of luck though!

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